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Hello once again.  We all prayed for the young Thai footballers and their coach to be rescued from the caves full of water and some very brave experienced divers rescued them and answered our prayers.  One of the brave divers lost his own life during the rescue, without a thought for himself, our thoughts are with all.

We have been very busy as usual with our developing groups and everyone is really doing well.  A few of them carried out a Clairvoyant Service for us and some of the audience/congregation informed us that they were better than most of the mediums that visit us for our services.  They were very good and gave excellent evidential proof to the ones who the messages were for.  We always end a good evening with tea, coffee and lovely cake and biscuits (not good for the waistline though)!

Some of our sitters enjoy practicing Trance Mediumship and study it thoroughly.  They respect Trance very much and if done truly, we can all learn something from it.  A few can ‘table tilt/tip’ and once again, if done truly, knowledge can be gained from this gift too.

We take Healing and Counselling very seriously.  We help quite a few people through ‘Bereavement, Grief and Loss’ as well as a few other issues.  We carry out Spiritual Healing and Reiki.  We also give Crystal and Colour Healing when asked for, also.  What a busy lot we are!

We are having a short rest from our Psychic Suppers now until September.  We need to re charge our batteries over the holiday season.  We will be doing a Psychic Fair though on Friday July 27th (on our event sheet page on this site or on our face book page)  We are still a non profit making group and we direct monies that we make to charities and local people in need.  It’s a great shame when people cannot afford to feed their children and themselves decent, basic food. There are many food banks now throughout our country, we all ask the same question….why?  I try not to be political or to be judgemental but someone needs to lead our country out of the dismal place we are in, many people have become so despondent.  We cannot wave a magic wand for them to give them what they want but we can at least support them in other ways.

Take care, God Bless……Iris x