Latest News

Here at last!  Keeping all of you up to date via our face book page at the moment.  Some of our members will be creating their own pages on our re vamped website in the very near future.  I will be writing about colour, crystals etc…and whatever I can think of.  Other members have wonderful interests in Physical Mediumship, The Fairy Kingdom, Angels, Dragons, Myths and Legends, Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Psychic Art, Poetry…..Yes, many interests to research and share their information and opinions with you.

We will be interviewing some mediums who serve our group and place a photograph of them so you will have an insight regarding what they look like!  Their contact details will be given if they allow us to print them.

We have two Psychic Artists within our group and hopefully they will place some of their wondrous sketches onto their special page.

Our ‘Trance Sitters’ are practicing once again and they will share some of the information they receive via Spirit with you as it is received.  They are quite excited to be sharing their information with you in the near future.

We are still carrying out Psychic Suppers but in a larger venue now so new photos will be put onto our sight and we have just carried out a special ‘readings event’ and a psychic art evening which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Our new venture for this year is ‘Past Lives/Regression’ sessions.  Our new trainee Stuart is settling in to it really well and has ‘guinea pigs’ galore to practice on.

Most people have an interest in North/South American Indians and we have a couple of members who will run a page on our website regarding them.  Other cultures will be explored too.

So, we have been extra busy already but will now make the huge effort to bring all of this new information to you over the next few weeks.  Wishing you much love, light and harmony….Iris x