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Easter is here at last, lighter nights, colour in the gardens and roadsides plus being very lucky in having some lovely sunny weather.  It feels as though we have just emerged from a long dull winter so I’m hoping for more sunny days to re-energise us.

We’ve just completed one of our charity events and thoroughly enjoyed it. The host prepared a lovely buffet and we quickly devoured most of it (which really did not do our slimming world weigh in much good)!  We will soon have our new main head office at The Old Post Centre where we do some of our work.  It has a lovely café and rooms are rented out for lectures, events etc…The room is large enough for us to carry out some of our work in plus teaching.

The psychic supper at the new venue in a Village called Moira sold out within a couple of days and it is next Friday 21st April.  It has a brilliant kitchen with all the appliances we need to do a good hot and cold buffet for the guests and we do not have to put up the tables etc…and clean up as it’s all in the hire fee so it should be much easier for us usual few who are now beginning to age!!

Our prayers are still with the Syrian people very much and now Stockholm and Germany.  So many innocent people hurt or losing their lives in such needless atrocities!  I love my way of life/religion as it has taught me to send out my thoughts to many each day.  My parents and grandparents taught us to always think of others, whoever they may be.  At least I feel as though I am doing something although I am not physically helping anyone.

If you read the Psychic News new magazine, you will see our group’s advertisement in it under Derbyshire.  The SNU are trying to cover quite a few different subjects and studies etc…now and seems to be more ‘open’ to other groups.  We, the ‘Fountain of Light’ are quite a mixture of Christian Spiritualists, Spiritualists, Wiccans, Universalists etc…as long as people believe that there is something greater than themselves full of love, light and truth, that’s what matters to us.  Our members are full of compassion and empathy bless them and love carrying out voluntary work.  They have huge hearts, we are very lucky to have them.

Time to say bye for now………have a lovely Easter Time.  My son marries at last on Good Friday in a lovely old Mill that stands by the river Derwent.  His bride to be is absolutely lovely, God bless them both.  Fingers crossed for a lovely day.  Take care, write to you soon.

Iris x