Latest News

Sorry it’s been such a long time since we have changed the newsletter on our website.

I have been quite busy with hospital appointments and am waiting for operations and treatments.

We have been very busy as usual and was glad to get a rest after our Christmas Supper.  Many of us came down with a viral infection that’s highly contagious in our area before and after Christmas 2019.  Hope you have not suffered from it.  We know that some schools were closed for a few days around our country due to the viral infection!

Busy once again and we started the events last night (Tuesday 22nd) with a Medium’s Rally.  Everyone present fully enjoyed it.  Some of our own developing mediums were the workers of the evening and Chris, a member of ours brought some wonderful family members, friends and guides through her wonderful gift of Psychic Art.  Well done to all of them.

Our suppers should re-start around Easter time when some of my body has been repaired, we are missing everyone from the suppers so if you are reading this, hello to all of you, Happy New Year and see you soon.

We are looking to carry out some new events this year and we will be carrying out a trial event soon.  We are taking some bookings to sit with a group of people and one or two of our members will be the mediums.  We are already receiving some good feedback.

Thanks for your continued support through the years and up to the present.  Keep warm in this icy cold weather, take care, God Bless.        Iris and the group xx