Latest News

Been quite a while since my last communication with you on our website.  We have kept everyone informed about our events etc…on our face book page most weeks.  Some of our members are now reading some books so we will let you know what they think of them on our member’s recommendations page.  Looking around our local bookshops, I’ve noticed a few books from quite a few years ago are back on the shelves.  It would be nice to see some different ones.  Where are the new authors?  There are still many books regarding Angels and Mindfulness, also Dream Interpretations.  It would be nice to see some different ones soon.

We’ve recently held an evening with a wonderful Tarot Card reader, Jeannie Howard from Sileby in Leicestershire.  I’ve personally known of Jeannie and her work for approx. 20 years.  Her talk was really interesting regarding Tarot/Oracle cards and how she has been looking around for a very special pack from many years ago.  As she said, it will be a dream come true when she comes across them.  Some who attended the special evening with Jeannie asked some good questions and some very good answers were received.  The evening really opened our minds regarding Tarot/Oracle cards and I even bought a new set of cards for myself today!

If you read our face book page, you will know that our famous suppers have now moved to a local, larger venue as we have had to have more space for more guests to attend, a good kitchen and a spacious car park.  On a nice evening, you can stand outside and look at the scenery.  The venue is inside the National Forest area.

Lastly, some of our developing members have been concentrating on Trance and Physical Mediumship.  They work hard at their development each week and are very dedicated to their chosen paths.  They have no ‘big’ egos bless them and  support each other too, just how it should be.  Some of our own developing members are more accurate than some mediums we have seen working regularly at other venues in our areas of Derbyshire, East Staffs: and Leicestershire.  I’m very proud of all of them and they should be proud of themselves!  We should always aim to develop all of the time and keep open minds to everything around us.  Healing is always concentrated on within our group and so is Counselling.  The awful tragedies that have happened and still happening are affecting many people in our area as well as through our country and our world.  Obviously in our way of life, we see many people suffering from Grief, Bereavement and Loss.  We do not charge fees for Counselling and Healing.  We are not a business, we are a service for who requires our help.  We are a non profit making group and always have been.  Take care, wishing all of you much love and light within your lives.  Iris xx