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I will apologise for the lack of communication as my partner and myself have been quite busy with hospital treatments.  Hopefully there will be fewer appointments now and the group has been very busy since we have had the new office/training room.  The Healing Clinic has started and the Counselling is running smoothly.

Our library is building up rapidly and a few members/people have called in for a chat and a beverage or two.  The café at The Old Post Centre is very well priced and the food is really fresh and very tasty.

We have a Healing Book in our new room as well as our original room in my own home.  We have received some requests via our website too and our members work dedicatedly sending out their healing thoughts on a daily basis.

Time for our psychic supper again and following that, our psychic fair (no rest for the wicked, as the saying goes)!!  Congratulations to our Lynda who runs our website etc…she’s a  granny for the fourth time to a gorgeous baby boy, we’re soooo jealous, yes, I mean soooo….jealous.

Keep your eyes open on our website as there is a lovely write up to be placed on it regarding a member visiting India.  She  was taken to an eye clinic, I believe and other similar places.  Chris is a very experienced Holistic Therapist and helps out in a hospice etc…She’s a very special individual, bless her.

We have some very experienced, dedicated members and we know we are very lucky to have them.  Some specialise in a few areas properly (not just on line)!  We believe a good quality education should be for all even if they cannot afford it but they must be regular members who show true dedication to others and the group.  We have met quite a few with very large egos and we pray for them regularly.  It’s a great shame when some become obsessed with ‘power’ that is not their’s.  It needs someone with a back of steel to run a group etc…probably that’s why our’s has now been running for just over ten years!  Yes, some have called me a few names and tried their best to verbally ruin my name but I’m a huge hundred per cent believer in KARMA, thankfully.  Well done to all of you out there WHO GIVE ALL OF YOURSELVES to the groups, Churches etc…you help to run!  My Grandmother taught me ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me’ thanks to my lovely Gran Cantrill……………It’s a great shame that we meet up with such pettiness in every walk of life each day, not just our way of life.  We live in a terrible world, what’s wrong in being helpful and amiable with each other?

Lastly our love and thoughts are with baby Charlie and his parents, God Bless xx