Latest News

Here at last.  So sorry once again for lack of communication.  We have been so busy as well as keeping up to date with our facebook page.  Local people like to read our facebook page as it’s quick, short and to the point regarding our events and what our main group/circle carry out each week.

Some of us have been on holiday at last and we got ‘direct voice’ in a new age shop in Totnes!!  We had a lovely time down south, like we always do.

Our groups are busy at the moment with Trance Mediumship, table tipping (or tilting) and looking through the mirror with different forms of light i.e. candle light, red light …all carried out with very experienced workers of many years and with huge respect for Spirit.

The second venue that we have taken our famous psychic suppers too is a huge success thankfully.  We actually have use of a lovely kitchen and a much larger room.  The car park is far better too.  We are still doing suppers at our original venue at the Old Post Regeneration Centre in Newhall, Swadlincote, Derbyshire.  Quite a few of our regulars still like this venue and we are based there still.  Our office/training room at the centre is a great asset to us and  the general public as they can now visit us most times apart from just event times etc…The café at the centre is very good and inexpensive.

During November, we will be updating the rest of our site as we calm down for a couple of weeks before preparing for our famous Christmas Supper and Service.  Please have a look at our facebook page too.

If you would like to place something on our website that we can use, do contact us.  Will communicate soon.  Take care, God Bless.

Iris x