Latest News

The daffodils are blooming and the forsythia is a beautiful yellow which tells me spring has eventually arrived in our area.  The weather people have just stated it’s going to cool off once again so make the most of it.

We’ve recently had a psychic fair and a supper, busy times as usual, everyone seemed happy with both events and we are trying out a new venue for a supper next month which has more space for us to work in and has a good kitchen that we can have the use of.  Fingers crossed it works out.

We will be having a different evening within the next three weeks.  Patricia Armitage, a local lady will be sharing some of her knowledge with us regarding ‘Ascended Masters’ which we are looking forward to very much then we will be having an evening of Trance Mediumship.  Loads of different evenings to follow later through the year.  We are starting a group soon to discuss/debate certain areas in our way of life/religion which should be quite interesting.

I’m sure most of us have been made aware of the terrible ordeal that some are going through in certain parts of Africa, no one should be without food or clean water nowadays?  Why is it still happening? Our thoughts and prayers are with all of them, the aide workers too.

Recently, I have been involved in some discussions over some mediums wanting to earn a decent living wage from what we do.  Many years ago, most mediums I knew (most are now back in Spirit, bless them) were very happy just to serve others for their bus fare or just enough to cover their fuel costs and they were all great, good quality mediums/healers who really enjoyed serving everyone when they could.  They all worked full or part -time in other employment to get by each day, not trying to rely on their fees from Churches etc…I know times have changed, life has to move forward for most but it would be lovely just to meet a few more who serve for the joy of it and not for financial reasons or of wanting to be a household name.  Time to get off my soap box once again, sorry.  Yes, forgot! Some of the courses offered to us can be extremely expensive and taught by some who have only been in our way of life/religion for a few years (less than five)!

One more moan dear readers…..I need a good book to read, something that will deeply interest me.  I cannot find anything yet and it’s not for the want of not looking or trying.  Please help if you can.

Take care, enjoy the good weather if you are lucky enough to get any.  On Good Friday, my one and only offspring, my son will marry his wonderful Natalie.  Hope the weather is kind to them and all goes well, they have worked so hard for their very special day, God bless them and yes, I will be off my ‘slimming world’ meals for a couple of days.  Hope there’s a good glass of champagne for myself and the bride’s mum, I think we deserve one, ha ha.  So, CHEERS write to you very soon.  Wishing you all much love and light as always.


Iris x