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Sorry we are late, we have been extra busy with events and helping local people…We are now in the process of sorting our Christmas Supper….This is a very special event for us with lots of extra’s…

Iris has had a few days away down Bognor and had a lovely time…but a small accident as well…(she fell on the escalator) she is home now and slowly recovering…

Not long after are special event we have our Christmas Service…This is also a very special event for us with some lovely presents and some inspirational messages from Spirit.

Some time ago, we all had a discussion about healing and the many different branches like, Spiritual, Reiki, Colour etc…We all had different views…and I just wondered what views you might have on healing…please¬†forward any thoughts you may have on this subject, as we would like to hear them, as¬†it helps us to keep our minds open to other peoples views and beliefs.

We also have quite a few members who are now involved in physical Mediumship and phenomena in a responsible and respectful way, we have studied many books from the past regarding physical phenomena, but we have been unable to find any modern books on this subject, or any new experiments being carried out…We do carry out our own experiments regarding physical Mediumship and phenomena but always with respect and in a responsible manner. We would also love to hear any information or views you may have on this subject too, we can always learn from each other.

We are all sending healing thoughts out as usual, our healing books are full of people who need our Love and Support at this time.

Our Tuesday group practiced their clairvoyance last night and we have discovered a (bossy breeches number 2 who goes by the name of Kay) haha.

I hope you are all keeping well and not suffering from any viruses…Please keep warm and dry until next time.

Love Light and Healing to you all.

Lynda x